Creating a new database

A database is a structured set of data held in a computer, especially one that is accessible in various ways; [Oxford Dictionaries, 2014].

Databases are the highest level of hierarchy in your data structure. This is where you add forms, partners, users, projects and locks (which can also be linked to specific forms, partners or project).

In ActivityInfo you can either choose to create a database from scratch or clone an existing database to which you have "Editing" rights. Both options are presented below.

A database is linked to a particular country; this will allow you to assign administrative levels to entries. The geographic information stored in our platform for each country varies; don't hesitate to contact us if the geographic information is not precise enough for your needs in the country you are working in. If the information is available, we will add/update administrative levels for the country.

Name and Description: There are no limits to the number of characters that can be used in the name/description fields. Special characters are supported as well as arabic characters (which will appear left to right).

We recommend to choose a short and self-descriptive name for the database so that the name doesn't appear shortened in the platform. The name of the database should correspond to what relates the different forms comprised in the database (program, country activities, etc.) and should be comprehensive for those who will perform data entry. A description field can be added to give more information on this database.