ActivityInfo DocumentationGeneral User Manual Q&AHow do I start using ActivityInfo?

How do I start using ActivityInfo?

To use ActivityInfo you need a browser which meets the minimum requirements and an ActivityInfo account. Follow the steps below to get started.

1. Check if your browser meets the minimum requirements

ActivityInfo can be used in a variety of internet browsers. Check that you have a browser which meets the browser requirements.

2. Create an ActivityInfo account

To use ActivityInfo you must first create an account.

2.1. Go to the sign up page

Please visit or, if you have received an invitation by email, click on the link in the email.

2.2. Complete the sign up form

Fill out the form and choose your preferred language. Carefully review the terms of service (see then check the box if you agree to these terms.

To complete the registration, click the Sign Up button.

3. Start using ActivityInfo

If you have been invited to enter data into ActivityInfo by someone else, then start with the Data Entry tab to find the forms to fill in.

If you need to collect data for your operation, start with the Design tab to create a new database, add partners and invite users from your own or from other organisations and grant them different levels of access to your database depending on the role they play in your organization.