Enable or disable email notifications

Enabling email notifications in ActivityInfo will allow you to stay informed of the activity in the databases to which you have "design" permissions. These notifications contain a digest (i.e. summary) of changes in these databases.

There are two types of digests:

  1. The daily digest tells you which users have made changes like adding, changing or deleting data entries. These are only sent to you if at least one change was made during the last 24 hours in a database to which you have View permission. This includes the database of which you are the owner.
  2. The weekly digest provides a higher level overview of the activity in your databases. These are always sent, even if no changes were made in any of your databases during the last 7 days. These digests are only sent to database owners, not the users of the databases.

All emails are sent to the address with which you log into ActivityInfo.

Note that it is only possible to enable or disable these email notifications. It is not possible to change the frequency of the notifications or to select the databases to be included in the digest.

1. Go to your profile settings

2. Check or uncheck the email notification option

Check or uncheck the email notification option

Check the Email Notification box if you want to receive email notifications.