Add Relevance conditions

Please be aware that relevance functions can only be used In the New Interface.

Relevance conditions are a feature that changes what question a respondent can answer next based on how they answer the current question. If the relevance condition is not met then respondent won't be able to see the field when performing data entry directly in the ActivityInfo platform.

When performing data entry through android devices and ODK collect, users swipe from one question to another and in this case they won't see a question which  hasn't met the relevance function. You will see in this article how to use a relevance condition in a form.

Choose the field where you want to add relevance criteria

Defining a relevance function

Example of a relevance function using 2 fields

In this case, the question "Is the patient pregnant?" will only be asked if the responder answered Between 15 and 45 to the question "How old is the Patient?" and if the responder selected Female for the question "What is the sex of the patient?". Otherwise, the question will not be shown.

If a condition is deleted from the form, it will appear in the relevance condition pop up as a grayed out box. It is not possible to undo this deletion. If you want to have the condition re-added to the field, please add the field again and set the relevance condition once more.