Adding targets

In ActivityInfo, targets are a good way to compare indicators of activities carried out by your organization (what has been realized) with milestones or project objectives (what has been targeted). They can be set on quantity and calculated fields and they are defined for a custom date range. While they are often used for the follow up of activities (number of infrastructure X constructed, number of patients treated), they are also useful to keep track of the financial aspects of project.

Accessing Target functionality

Adding a target

Defining a target

Defining a target

Name your target. While there is no limit to the name that can be used, we advice to make it short and self-descriptive so other people know what this target is used for.

Select a date range during which your target will be effective. It could be a formal target covering the duration of a project/program and where the projected objectives are used as targets for instance, but you could also create targets for milestones to follow the evolution of program. Be aware that you can create as many targets as you want.

Select a projet if you want to create a project-specific target . If None is chosen, the target will be used for all entries (assigned to specific projects or not) within this database.

Select a partner if you want to set a target for a specific partner. If None is chosen, the target will be general, that is for data entered by all partners.


Setting target values

Showing targets in Reports

Please note that the targeted values will appear at the period corresponding to the "End date" of your target. For instance, values of a target set from September 1st 2014 to October 31st 2015 will appear in the month of October 2015. If your defining your period annually, they will then appear in year 2015.