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Batch Import multiple data entries from a spreadsheet

You have legacy data you want to import in ActivityInfo? The easiest way to do so is by using our Import functionality in the Data Entry tab. As long as your data can be opened in a spreadsheet format (Excel, Open office, Libreoffice, Numbers) you can import your data by simply copying and pasting it in our import functionality.

Data are imported per form. As a first step, you will need to make sure each of the mandatory fields in your ActivityInfo form have a corresponding column in your spreadsheet. Since the Start date, End date and Partner fields are always mandatory, you will also need to have columns for those in your file. For multiple selection fields there will be one column for each selection (see details below).

For the data that needs to be matched to ActivityInfo data (Partner, Project and single selection fields) make sure your data is written the exact same way in your import file as in ActivityInfo.

If you are using location types (a geo-localized library of locations), be aware that locations will not be matched against locations you have already created in ActivityInfo. New locations will thus be created for each new entry.

Prepare your spreadsheet for import

The more your column headers match with the form fields in the system, the more chance the columns will be automatically matched

Open the Import functionality

Copy the data you want to import in your spreadsheet -including column headers- and paste in the central white box

Match each column with the corresponding form field

Validate the imported data

Color code:

Green: we found a perfect match for this value.

Yellow: we found an imperfect match (less than 100% confidence) for this value. You will see the following message: "Confidence: <percent>% Matched to: <matched value>  Correct value will be imported with _<percent>% confidence which can help you make your choice.

Red: we failed to find a match for this value.

A row were (a) value(s) is(are) highlighted in red will not be imported. Only rows with Green and/or yellow matches will be imported. In the screen caption above, the first row will not be imported.

It is not possible to modify values or matches in the validation window. To modify your imported data, you will need to modify your initial file and restart the import process from the beginning.