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Linking indicators - quantity fields

You would like to "push" numeric data from database X to database Y? There is a way to do this in ActivityInfo with a functionality called linked indicators. Indicators (or Quantity fields) that have been linked will simultaneously appear in multiple databases/forms; the easiest way to distinguish them is by the link icon to the left of a linked entry. When creating a report and selecting a field that has been linked to another field, both the "original"data and the linked data will appear in your report.

Linked indicators are used when you need to gather numeric data spread in different databases in a single database or form. You needed to create multiple databases for different reasons (different users, permissions, country, etc.) at some point, but now, you would like to gather all related data in one database or form.

Data from linked indicators will not be included when exporting data or when querying the database through the API.

Open "Link Indicators" editor

The Link indicator window

Linking two fields

Appearance in Data Entry