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Importing form schema

Importing a form schema. You might already know that you can clone databases in ActivityInfo, copying all the forms and the form fields they hold. But what if you only want to copy a few forms or if you want to gather forms stored in different databases? For these cases, the form schema functionality is your best option. Please be aware that the schema import functionality does not support text and multiline text fields and that the functionality can only create "classic" forms.

Preparing a schema import file

ActivityCategory (optional): Enter a category name to create a folder under your database. Within a same form, all the ActivityCategory should be exactly the same.

ActivityName (mandatory): The name of the form you want to create. The name should be exactly the same for all the form fields contained in your form.

Description (optional): Add a description to your form. Again, the description should be exactly the same for all the form fields contained in your form.

Units (optional): Define the unit of a Quantity field.

FormFieldType (mandatory): You must choose between Indicator (Quantity field) and AttributeGroup (multiple selection and single selection fields). Text and multiline text fields are not supported in schema import.

Category (optional): Add a category name a form field.

AttributeValue (only for AttributeGroup fields): Enter the choices/options of your multiple or single selection fields. Each choice/option must be on a separate row.

ReportingFrequency: You must choose between Once and Monthly.

LocationType (mandatory): How do you want your field to be localized? Use the name of a location type that already exists in the country your database is set in.

multipleAllowed (only for AttributeGroup fields): If you want to create a multiple selection field, choose write "TRUE", otherwise, you can leave the field empty or enter "FALSE".

mandatory (optional): Do you want to make this field mandatory for users to fill? Write "TRUE" for a mandatory field or leave blank/ write "FALSE" for an optional field.

Importing your schema

Validate that all your forms and form fields have been imported