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Attachments form field

New in ActivityInfo version 2.9

Note: this form field is only available in forms using the new (Beta) design mode.

Unlike an image form field, the attachment form field will accept any type of file and also multiple files. This field is therefore well suited to add extra documents such as PDF documents to form submissions.

Characteristics of the attachment field:

  • upload any file type, not only images
  • maximum file size is 10MB
  • up to 25 attachments per field are supported

Note that, when using ODK Collect, mobile devices such as phones and tablets do not always provide the ability to select and upload files from the device's memory. It is therefore advised not to make an attachment field mandatory (i.e. required).

Add an attachment field to a form

Follow the steps below to include an attachment field in your form.

1. Select and drag the attachment field widget into your form

1. Select and drag the attachment field widget into your form

2. Click the new field to edit the properties

  1. after adding the attachment field to the form, click anywhere on the field to open the properties dialog
  2. edit the properties

3. Save the form

Don't forget to save your changes by clicking the "Save" button.