Adding an Input mask validation

In this article we will talk about how to set up an Input mask validation.  This assumes that you already have a database with design permissions.   Form designers will be able to add an optional "input mask" to a text field that will constrain what characters the user can enter. The Input mask validation is only available in beta forms.

1. What is an Input mask?

An Input mask is used to make sure that users enter certain digits or letters. This can be useful if you have a form with  administrative codes.

2. Adding the Input mask into a form

In the following steps you will learn how to add the Input mask into your beta form.

  1. Add a text field to your form
  2. Define properties of the field in the left pane
  3. Save the form

3. How the input mask appears in Data Entry

As the user types in the fields, they will automatically get validated. For example in the administrative number, if 2013-12-141 is typed in then the field will turn red informing that this does not match.  In the case worker ID, only digits can be used and for the case worker initials only letters can be used.

4. What characters can be used for the Input mask?

In the tables below you will see other ways an input mask can be used

Character Explanation
0 User must enter a digit (0 to 9)
L User must enter a letter
A User must enter a letter or a digit
\ Character immediately following will be displayed literally
Example Input mask Explanation
Family Registration Number  \1-00000000 The 1- is always fixed the rest of the digits can be different
Case worker  Initials AAA Initials have to be 3 letters long
Case worker ID 000 ID has to be 3 digits
Administrative number 2017-00-000 The 2017- is fixed the rest of the numbers can be changed.