Adding a serial number

This article assumes that you have already set up a database and have the latest version of ActivityInfo.

Adding a serial number is only possible with Beta forms.

In this article we will explain why and how you would use a serial number in your forms.

Every record stored in ActivityInfo is automatically assigned a unique, randomly-generated ID such as "c23cwexxsf" when its created. However,  in many situations, it can be useful to identify records by easier-to-remember sequential numbers such as "0023", "0024", etc.

Serial numbers can be particularly useful in setting up Case Tracking Systems, where case workers need an easy-to-remember identifier for each case that doesn't include personally-identifying information.

1. How to setup your form

  1. In the Form Designer, drag the Serial Number field onto your form
  2. Name your field
  3. Save

In order to ensure that serial numbers are unique, they are only assigned once the record is actually saved on the server. When you are editing a record that is not yet saved, the field will be displayed as "(Pending)".

If you save a record while offline, a serial number will not be assigned until you have fully synchronized.