Adding a Min/Max calculation

In a beta form it is possible to have a calculation to tell you what the Minimum amount or Maximum amount collected is. In our example we are collecting data to see how many students have attended school. We will first start with how to design the form and then what it looks like in data entry. 

How to design a form with a Min/Max calculation

In the form designer we have a added a daily Sub-Form [School attendance] and placed within it are two quantity fields [Number of male students and female students]. The quantity fields have been give codes so we can easily use an expression with them. Above our Sub-Form we have added two calculated fields, one Max males the other Min Females. For the first calculated field we added the expression MAX(MS) the means that it will look through the data provided in the Sub-Form and give us back the maximum amount that has been entered. In the second we added the expression MIN(FS), as before it will search through the data provided in the Sub-Form and give back the minimum amount that has been entered. We have set the two calculated forms to not be shown in data entry as it may lead to confusion. 

We have removed the dates from the form as the Sub-Form contains dates and moved the partner to the top of the form. Don't forget to save! 

Once you are in the data entry tab, find your form and click on new submission. In the below form we have performed a couple of entries spread over a period of weeks. For the entry with partner BeDataDriven , there are three entries of which the 'min female' is 50 and the 'max male' is 75.