Defining a Key Field

The following section describes how to add a Key when designing a Form.

Adding a Key to your Form allows you and Users to identify easily the Form and the Form Records.

If you added a Serial Number in your Form, then this becomes the Key of the Form automatically. If you haven't added a Serial Number Field in your Form then it is advised that you select another Form Field to define as the Key to your Form. Alternatively, to use a Serial Number and make it easier to recognise you can customise the Serial Number using an Input Mask.

Keys are necessary to allow Users to import Subforms Records or to Reference another Form. This is because a User needs to link a Subform Record or a Form Record to a Form Record by using a common Field (the Key).

How to define a Key Field

  • Navigate to the Form Designer.
  • Click on the Form Field you want to use as a Key.
  • In the Fields Property, tick the box next to "Key" and save your Form.
  • The Key has been defined and you can inform your Users.