Adding Single Selection Fields

This section explains how to add a Single Selection Field when designing a Form in ActivityInfo and how to define the way it will appear in Data Entry.

Single Selection Fields can be used to ask from Users to select one out two or more options as an answer.

This can be a "Yes" or "No" question for example or any other type of question that can be answered with one option.

How to add a Single Selection Field

  • Click on "Edit" to edit the available answers.
  • Click on "+ Add" to add more answers.

If the Single Selection Field is a Required Field, then the "Presentation" options are:

  • Automatic: present Radio Buttons for less than 10 choices, or a Dropdown Menu for 10 or more.
  • Radio: present options as Radio Buttons.
  • Dropdown: present options as a Dropdown menu.

If the Selection Field is not a Required Field then the Presentation Property will be set to Dropdown by default.

  • Click on the "Save" button to save your changes.