Inviting a User

The following section describes how to invite a User to contribute to your Database in ActivityInfo.

ActivityInfo can be used to coordinate many Users which belong to different Partners. Users can be invited to a Database by the owner of the Database and they can have different Permission levels.

If the Users invited have an ActivityInfo account, the new Database will appear in their Databases List.

If the Users invited don't have an ActivityInfo account, an email will be sent by ActivityInfo to the email address you provided to inform them about the invitation. Once they create an account and sign in ActivityInfo they will be able to access the Database in which they have been invited.

Before inviting Users to a Database it is advisable to add Partners so that you can assign the invited Users to them.

As a Database owner, you are not listed as a User because you have all Permissions by default and these cannot be changed. This also holds for Databases where you have the permission to manage Users.

How to Invite a User

Invite a User
  • The User has been invited to the Database.

Make sure you know everything about all the available types of User Permissions and Folder Permissions before assigning them to your Users.

The Names displayed in the Users Grid are those provided by the Users in their profile settings. You can therefore not edit these. If you feel that a User's name is incorrect, incomplete or otherwise inappropriate then it is best to send an email to the User to request a change.