Creating a Calculated Field

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This section explains how to create a Calculated Field when designing a Form in ActivityInfo.

When designing a Form you can add a variety of Field Types to it to allow the Users invited to the Database to provide as much data as possible.

Calculated Fields are powerful Field Forms. With Calculated Fields you can automate Calculations in your Form. This way when Users fill in the Quantity Fields you will automatically get the results of the Calculations you have defined via the Calculated Fields.

To create a Calculated Field you need to assign Codes to the Fields you want to use and write a Formula for it.

How to Create a Calculated Field

  • Add a Calculated Field to your Form.

Take a look at some information on "Writing an Expression" before writing your Expression.

  • Check that the Formula is verified.

A verified Formula will be Green. A Formula that is not correct will be marked in Red.

  • Click on the "Save" button.
  • The Calculated Field has been created.

Avoid making the Calculated Field "Required" if you don't have it "Shown in Data Entry"or if the Fields you are using are not "Required" to filled in because this might prevent Users from saving the Form after entering data.