Edit a Record of a Form

The following section describes the steps for editing a Record added to a Form. You might want to edit a Record if you need to make corrections. The edits will be visible in the History tab of the Record side panel. You need to have the respective Permissions to be able to edit Records.

You might not be able to edit a Record, if a Lock has been added to the Form by the Administrator of the Database.

How to Edit a Record

  • Click on the "Edit record" button on the Details tab.
  • Make the changes to the Record.

You can navigate in the Form with your Keyboard too:

  • Tab: Move downwards
  • Tab + SHIFT: Move upwards
  • Arrow down: Reveal drop-down menu
  • ENTER: Select an option from a drop-down menu
  • Space bar: Select or deselect an option from a multiple selection field (check box)
  • Click on the "Save" button to save the changes.
  • The Record has been edited.