Importing Records to a Subform

ActivityInfo 4.0

The following section describes the steps for importing Records to a Subform.

You might have multiple Records related to a repeated Subform already available on a spreadsheet outside ActivityInfo. You don't have to add all these Records manually. Instead, you can batch import these Records from the spreadsheet to ActivityInfo.

The supported spreadsheet formats on ActivityInfo are:

  • Excel 
  • Open office
  • Libre office 
  • Numbers

Read more about all the available Subform Frequencies.

How to Import Records to a Subform.

Prepare the Records
  • Records are imported per Subform. So first you need to design a Form that has a Subform on ActivityInfo or navigate to the Subform you are invited to add Records to.
  • On the spreadsheet where your Records appear make sure you include all the relevant fields as they appear on the ActivityInfo Subform.
  • Each of the mandatory Fields in your ActivityInfo Subform must have a corresponding column in your spreadsheet. If you don't have such fields in your spreadsheet, you need to create them.
  • For Single Selection Form Fields make sure you add the answers in the exact same way as they appear in the Subform in ActivityInfo.
  • For Multiple Selection Form Fields, add the available answers for each Record in one cell, divided by commas.
  • For Date Fields use the international format "YYYY-MM-DD"for Daily Subforms, "YYYY-MM" for Monthly Subforms and "YYYYWX" where X is equal to the number of the Week for a Weekly Subform to prevent a wrong format conversion.
  • You need to link the Subform Records with the Form Record they are being added to. For this reason you need to add a column in the spreadsheet that includes the Key of the Form. By doing that you define to which Parent Record you are submitting Records.

The Key can be the Serial Number of the Parent Record to which you are adding Records or another Form Field that has been assigned this value by the person who designed the Form.

Import the Data
  • You will be redirected to the Importer.
  • Select all the Records you want to import from the spreadsheet including the column headers.
  • Copy (CTRL+C or Command+C) the Records and the column headers.
  • Paste (CTRL+V or Command+V) the Records and the column headers on the Importer.
  • Click on the "Continue" button.
Match Columns with Form Fields
  • Required Form Fields must have a corresponding column header in your table. Otherwise a message will appear prompting you to add these fields.
  • In the following import table some of your column headers will have been matched to the ActivityInfo column headers. This will be highlighted in green.
  • Take a look at the matched column headers and make sure they have been matched correctly to the ActivityInfo Subform Fields.
  • If a column has not been matched correctly, click on the header of a column to view the possible Subform Field matches and select the correct match, if needed.


  • If a column has not been matched to a Subform Field, it will be highlighted in red and you need to match it manually to the respective ActivityInfo Subform Field.
  • Click on the column you want to match to a Subform Field and select the name of the Subform Field that corresponds to it from the Column Matching List.
  • You can choose to ignore a Column by selecting the "Ignore this Column" option in the Form Fields panel.
  • Once you have matched all the columns, click on the "Done" button.
  • A progress bar will show the progress of the importing process.
  • Once the process is completed, you can view the imported Records.

A message at the bottom-left corner of the table will inform you on how many Records were imported to the Subform.