Adding Records using a mobile device

The following section describes the steps for adding a new Record to a Form using a mobile device. This allows users to collect data when they are in the field. The correct User Permission levels must have been set for each user according to the intention of the Administrator of the Database.

The full version of ActivityInfo which includes Database and Report design, requires a laptop, desktop, or tablet (Android/iPad Pro) with a minimum screen resolution of 1024x768. Take a look at all the Requirements

How to add Records using a mobile device

  • Log in to your account using a mobile device and one of the supported browsers.
  • On the Databases List page, click on the Database that contains your Form.
  • On the Database page, click on the Folder that contains the Form you want to add Records to.
  • Click on the Form you want to add the Record to.
  • Click on the "Add record" button.
  • When entering the date in the Date Field keep in mind that the date format used across the ActivityInfo platform is the International date format YYYY-MM-DD. This means that no matter which locale or browser you are using and regardless the way you insert a date, ActivityInfo will always provide this date format. Instead of manually writing the Date, you can select it from the Calendar.
  • Fill in all the required fields. In case you miss a required field you will not be able to save the data you entered. The required fields will be marked with a "REQUIRED" box and will be highlighted in red if you try to save without filling them in.
  • If the Form includes a Multi-line Form Field, and you want to enter a long text, you can navigate up and down the Field using the bar that appears on the right of the box. To do this drag the bar up or down.
  • If you are required to add a specific type of text in a Field, a greyed out placeholder, named Input Mask, will indicate the type of text you need to add to match it.
  • Click on the "Save record" button to save the Record you added.

When you are adding Records you will only see the fields that are related to the answers you provide. Fields that have been added with a Relevance rule will only appear if you fulfil the rule.