Setting Relevance rules

The following section describes how to set Relevance rules for fields when designing a Form so that a Field appears to users only when some conditions are met. This way you can save time and avoid confusion for users adding Records who don't need to fill in specific fields. You can define various Relevance rules.

Maximum number of Relevance rules per field: 10 relevance rules

How to set Relevance rules

  • In the Form Designer, click on the field you want to apply Relevance rules to.
  • In the Properties tab check the box next to "Set relevance rules".
  • In the Relevance rules section that appears at the bottom of the tab you can start defining the rules.
  • You can select to show the selected field if all or any of the conditions are met. Click on the arrow next to "any" if you want to change it to "all".
  • Set the first relevance rule by selecting the condition that applies to:
    • the field
  • the state of the condition
  • the condition
  • To add another relevance rule, click on "Add".
  • Set the rule by selecting what you want to apply.

Depending on the field type you select, you might get different types of rules to select from.

  • Click on "Done" to save the field.
  • When you finish adding fields, click on "Save" to save the Form.

A field that has Relevance rules, appears with the label "RELEVANCE RULE SET" in the Form Designer.

  • Users will view the specific field when they are adding Records, only if the relevance condition is met.