Making a field Required

The following section describes how to make any field Required when designing a Form. By assigning this property to a field you make it Required to be filled in when users add Records. Users won't be able to save their Record unless they fill in the field(s) marked as Required.


  • Make sure you assign this property only to fields that the users can definitely fill in.
  • You cannot check "Required" and "Hide from entry" at the same time.

How to make a field Required

  • In the Form Design page, click on the field you want to make Required to select it.
  • In the Field Card editor, check the box next to "Required".
  • Click on "Done" to save the change.
  • The field has become Required and it is marked in the Form Design page with the REQUIRED label.
  • When you finish adding fields, click on "Save" to save the Form.
  • Users will need to fill in the field marked as Required when adding Record in order to be able to save the Form.