Recovering a deleted Record

The following article describes the steps for recovering a deleted Record via the Database Audit Log section.

You can recover a Record that has been deleted using the Audit Log section of the Database where this Record belonged.  You might want to recover a Record because it was deleted by accident for example.

Please note the Database Audit Log is available only to Database owners.

How to recover a deleted Record

  • In the Database List page, select the Database where the deleted Record belongs.
  • Click on "Database settings" to open the Database Settings page.

Click on "Audit log" to navigate to the Audit log section.

  • You can view the Database Audit Log in this section. You can filter the Audit Log to find the deleted Record or select the event log directly from the list. For example, if you know the Form or Folder in which the deleted Record belonged you can click on  "Filter by form or folder" to find the Form.

Please note that you will only view the top level Forms in this list, i.e. Forms that don't belong to any Folder. If the Form belongs to a Folder you should select the Folder instead.

  • Once you find the deleted Record, click on "Recover record" under the event's name.
  • The Record has been recovered and the label 'Reverted' will appear next to its name. You can view more details about this event in the Audit Log side panel.