ActivityInfo limits

The following sections provides a list of limits of ActivityInfo. It is important to keep in mind the limits of ActivityInfo when you create a Database and you design your Forms.

Limit Value Unit
Maximum Folder depth
10 Folder within Folder
Maximum Subform depth
5 Subform within Subform
Maximum number of Subforms in a Form
30 Subforms
Maximum number of Forms in a Database
500 Forms
Maximum number of fields in a Form
500 fields
Maximum number of Records in a Form
200,000 Records
Maximum number of users with access to a database
10,000 Users
Maximum number of Options per Single/Multiple Selection field
100 Options
Maximum number of options for all
Single/Multiple Selection fields in a Form
1,000 Options
Maximum length of a Text field record value
Maximum length of a Multi-line Text field

Maximum number of Relevance rules per field
10 Relevance rules (conditions)
Maximum length of a Form or Folder Label
Maximum length of a field label
Maximum length of a field Description
2,048 Characters
Maximum length of a Calculated field formula
Maximum length of a field Code
20 Characters
Maximum Attachment size
10 MB
Maximum number of Attachments per field
20 Attachments
Maximum number of Keys per Form 10 Keys
Maximum length of Key field appearing in a dropdown result of a Reference field. 128 Characters
Maximum number of Serial Number fields per Form 1 Field