ActivityInfo limits

The following sections provides a list of limits of ActivityInfo. It is important to keep in mind the limits of ActivityInfo when you create a Database and you design your Forms.

Limit Value Unit
Maximum Folder depth
10 Folder within Folder
Maximum Subform depth
5 Subform within Subform
Maximum number of Subforms in a Form
30 Subforms
Maximum number of Forms in a Database
500 Forms
Maximum number of fields in a Form
200 fields
Maximum number of Records in a Form
200,000 Records
Maximum number of users with access to a database
10,000 Users
Maximum number of Options per Single/Multiple Selection field
100 Options
Maximum number of options for all
Single/Multiple Selection fields in a Form
1,000 Options
Maximum length of a Text field record value
Maximum length of a Multi-line Text field

Maximum number of Relevance rules per field
10 Relevance rules (conditions)
Maximum length of a Form or Folder Label
Maximum length of a field label
Maximum length of a field Description
2,048 Characters
Maximum length of a Calculated field formula
Maximum length of a field Code
20 Characters
Maximum Attachment size
10 MB
Maximum number of Attachments per field
20 Attachments
Maximum number of Keys per Form 5 Keys
Maximum number of Serial Number fields per Form 1 Field