Creating a Pivot Table

The following section describes how to create a Pivot Table based on the data you have collected in ActivityInfo.  You can select fields from your Forms and Subforms, add Measures and Dimensions and use Statistics to analyze them.

How to create a Pivot Table

Select the Source(s) of the Data
  • During the first phase of the Pivot table Design, you must select the source(s) of the data for the Pivot Table, that is the Form(s) that includes the Records on which the Pivot Table will be based. These can be one or more Databases, one or more Folders or one or more Forms. Depending on what you want to use as your source you can drill down the list to reach a specific Form or select all the contents available instead.
  • To reach a specific Form, click on "Databases" to reveal the list of the available Databases and select the Database(s) that contains the Folder(s) or the Form(s) you want.
  • Alternatively, to use the data of all the Databases, click on the Databases box to select all Databases and click on the "Done" button.
  • If the Form belongs to a Folder, select the Folder from the list of Folders to reveal the list of Forms in it.
  • Select the Form(s) from the list of Forms and click on the "Done" button.
Add a Measure to the Pivot Table

To create a Pivot Table you first need to add a Measure to the Report. This is the actual Data Source for the Pivot Table and it must be a Quantity Field.

To do so you need to define a Data Source and a Statistic for the Measure.

The Data Source is the actual Quantity Field you want to use and the Statistic is the type (e.g. Count Distinct, Sum, Average etc.) of summary you want to show for the specific Quantity Field.

Follow the steps for adding a Measure to a Pivot Table.

Add a Field as a Row or as a Column

To make the results more detailed and easy to read you can add Dimension to the Pivot Table, by dragging and dropping fields to the Row and Column Panel.

Follow the steps for adding a Field as a Row or Column to a Pivot Table.

Save and Name the Report
  • Click on the "Save" button on the Reports toolbar and provide a Name for your Pivot Table.
  • Your Pivot Table has been saved. You can view it in the Reports List in the Reports tab.