Customizing Serial Numbers using a Single Selection Field

ActivityInfo 4.0 & 3.0

The following section describes the steps for customizing a Serial Number Field by adding as its prefix a Single Selection option. Please note that this is available only for Entering Data in ActivityInfo 4.0.

Every Record stored in ActivityInfo is automatically assigned a unique, randomly-generated ID, such as "c23cwexxsf", when its created. In many situations, it can be easier to remember Records identified by sequential numbers such as "0023", "0024". So this is the format that a Serial Number will have if you add a Serial Number Field in the Form.

However, instead of just having a number, which is not very easy to trace; you can also add a prefix to the Serial Number which will give more traceability to the Record without revealing sensitive information.

So for example, instead of having a Serial Number with the plain format "0001" you can have a Serial Number with a specific word in front of it by adding the code of the Single Selection Field to the Prefix property of the Serial Number (e.g. "Health-0001").

To do so you need to create two different Fields, a Single Selection Field and a Serial Number Field.

Serial numbers can be particularly useful in setting up Case Tracking Systems, where case workers need an easy-to-remember identifier for each case that doesn't include personally-identifiable information. Another option of customizing a Serial Number is by adding an Input Mask to a Text Field and using the code of the Text Field as a Prefix.

Once a Serial Number is assigned to a Record, it cannot change.

How to customize a Serial Number using a Single Selection Field

Create the Single Selection Field
  • Create the Single Selection Field. Add as answers the possible prefixes you want the Serial Number to have.
  • Add a Code to the Single Selection Field using the Properties side panel.
Add a Prefix to the Serial Number
  • Add a Serial Number Field to the Form Design Panel by dragging the block to the Design Form.
  • Select the Serial Number Field you added and give to it a descriptive "Label" in the Properties Panel.
  • Add the Code of the Single Selection Field in the "Prefix Formula" Properties Field.
  • Click on the "Save" button.
  • You have customized the Serial Number Field. This is how it will appear in Table View.