Connecting Excel to ActivityInfo

You can connect Excel to your ActivityInfo form via ActivityInfo's API. This will allow you to refresh your Excel worksheet and see updates from ActivityInfo automatically.

The Query API Response Size limit is 32 MB. To reduce the data size you can do the following:

  • reduce the number of columns included in the query
  • shorten the labels of columns

How to connect Excel to ActivityInfo

  • From Excel, choose the "Data" ribbon, and then click the "Get Data" button. 
  • Then, choose "From Web" from the "From Other Sources menu."
  • Enter the URL from ActivityInfo:
  • In the next step, provide your ActivityInfo credentials:
  • The query editor will open. Click "To Table" from the main ribbon:


  • Accept the default options and click "OK" to continue.
  • Click the expand button to expand the records into columns. In the dropdown that appears, keep all columns checked, but uncheck "Use original column name as prefix." Then, click OK.
  • Finally, click "Close and Load" to close the query editor, return to Excel, and load your data.

Refreshing your data

To refresh your Excel worksheet with the latest data from ActivityInfo, go to the "Data" ribbon and then click "Refresh All."

Updating your credentials

After you've been prompted to enter your credentials the first time, Excel will store your credentials for subsequent queries to If you want to update or remove your credentials:

  • Go to the "Data" Ribbon
  • Click the "Get Data" menu
  • Choose "Data Source Settings"
  • This will open a dialog box where you should see the ActivityInfo URL.