Table View

The following section presents the Table View and outlines its main functions.

The Table View is where you or your team can start working on data collection by adding Records to a Form or to a Subform. It consists of the Table View of the Parent Form and the Table View of the Subform.

Breadcrumb and Form Name

Here you can view:

  • The name of the Form or Subform you are working on.
  • The breadcrumb of the Form including the Database name, Folder Name etc.
Data Entry Toolbar

The Data Entry Toolbar is where you can reach most of the functions available for Adding and Viewing Records.

Here you can:

  • Add a Record
  • Import Records
  • Export Records
  • Select columns to View
Data Entry Grid

In the Data Entry Grid you can see a list of all the Records and their details.

Here you can also:

  • Filter Records
  • Sort Records

If the Form contains a Subform, you can also view the number of Records added to it.

Side Panels

In the Side Panels you can:

  • View the Details of a Record in the Details Panel.
  • View the History of a Record in the History Panel.
  • Navigate to the Subform of the Form and vice-versa.
  • View the Attachments of a Record (if available).
  • Print a Record.
  • Edit a Record.
  • Delete a Record.