Viewing a Form Record Attachment

New Interface

The following section describes the steps for viewing the an attachment of a Form Record in the New Interface.

Users can add an attachment (e.g. a PDF file) on a Form if the Form has an Attachment Form Field. Up to 25 attachments per field are supported.

Attachments can be:

  • of any file type.
  • of maximum file size 10MB.

An attachment of a Form Record can be found in the Details Panel of the New Data Entry Interface.

How to View a Form Record Attachment

  • Select the row that corresponds to the Form Record you want.
  • On the Side Panel at your right hand click on the "Details Panel" to view the Attachment of the Form Record.
  • The Attachment will appear on the Details panel as a link. Double-click on the Attachment you want to open to download it.
  • Once downloaded click on the file on the Download Bar of your browser to open it.