Editing a Form Record

New Interface

The following section describes the steps for editing a Form Record in the New Interface.

You can edit a Form Record that has been submitted to a Form during Data Collection. You might want to do so if you need to make some corrections. The edits will be visible in the History Panel of the Data Entry Interface.

You might not be able to edit a Form Record, if a Lock has been added to the Form by the Administrator of the Database.

How to Edit a Form Record
  • Edit the data you want on the Form that appears.

If you want to edit the date in the Date Field, keep in mind that the date format used across the ActivityInfo platform is the International date format YYYY-MM-DD. This means that no matter which locale or browser you are using and regardless the way you insert a date, ActivityInfo will always provide this date format.

  • Click "OK" to save the Edited Form Record.

The Edits you make on a Form Record will be visible in the History of the Form Record.