Printing Activities as Empty Forms

Classic Interface

Once you have created an Activity, you can print it as an Empty Form. This way you can distribute hard copies of the survey you have created for people to fill in the data collected by hand.

You can always Invite a User to submit their data for an Activity online. This way you can have access to the data submitted in real-time.

How to Print an Activity as Empty Form

  • A pop-up window will show you the Preview of the Activity that will be printed. Click on the "Print Form" button on the Preview pop-up window.
  • Make sure you have selected the correct printer as the Destination choice. 
  • Click on the "Print" button on your browser's print window.

You can "Save as a PDF" an Empty Form. To do so, on your browser's print window click on the "Change" button in the Destination section and choose "Save as PDF" in the list of destinations.