Enabling Offline Mode

The following section describes the steps for enabling the Offline Mode in ActivityInfo.

You might need to use the Offline Entry Mode in the case of:

  • Unreliable Internet connection
  • Lack of Internet connection

Enabling the Offline Mode allows you to do Data Entry in such conditions. Be aware that you will need an Internet connection: 

  • before switching to Offline Mode to perform your account's synchronisation
  • to synchronise the data collected with your account so that other Users see it too

Using ActivityInfo in Offline Mode requires Google Chrome.

When in Offline Mode, your computer will automatically synchronise every 5 minutes, if you have access to an Internet connection; otherwise it will synchronise the next time you are connected to the Internet.

Changes performed while in Offline Mode are stored in the Internet browser cache. Internet browsers have a limited size capacity so we only recommend using the Offline Mode for performing Data Entry. Performing more complex changes in your account (creating databases or reports for instance) might overload the cache or be saved incorrectly.

Do not clear your Browsing Data (such as Cached, Cookies, History etc.) when you have stored data using the Offline Mode in ActivityInfo!

How to Enable Offline Mode

  • At the top right-hand corner on your Dashboard, click on the Gear icon on the Settings Toolbar.
  • On the drop-down menu, click on "Enable offline mode" link to start downloading the data needed.
  • Once the download is complete you are ready to start the Data Entry in Offline Mode.

In place of the link "Enable offline mode" you will see a message indicating the progress of the download in a percentage format. The same message appears at the bottom-left corner of the Dashboard.