Making a Form available offline

New Interface

The following section describes the steps for making a Form available offline in ActivityInfo.

When you do Data Entry using  the New Data Entry Interface, you can make a Form available offline in case of:

  • Unreliable Internet connection
  • Lack of Internet connection

Making a Form available offline allows you to do data entry in such conditions. Be aware that you will need an Internet connection to perform your account's synchronisation.  In order to synchronize the data collected during offline data collection with your account you need an Internet connection too. 

When offline, your computer will automatically synchronize every 5 minutes if you have access to an Internet connection; otherwise it will synchronize the next time you are connected to Internet.

Do not clear your Browsing Data (such as Cached, Cookies, History etc.) when you have stored data using a Form that has been made available offline in ActivityInfo!

How to make a Form available Offline

When the Form becomes available offline an  "Available offline" button appears in place of the "Make the form available offline" button.