Adding a Form Entry to ODK

The following section describes the steps for adding a Form Entry during mobile data collection using ODK and ActivityInfo.

Once you setup the connection of the ODK Collect App to ActivityInfo and you downloaded the Form(s) you want to enter the data to, you are ready to submit your first Form Record.

Please be aware that "Administrative Levels" will not work due to a limitation of ODK. If you are using the Classic Interface, we advise you to use a point Location type. Activities with the location type "Administrative Level" will not appear in the list of Activities.

How to add a Form Entry using ODK Collect and ActivityInfo

  • On the "Main Menu" of the App, select "Fill Blank Form".
  • A list of the Forms you have downloaded to the Android device will appear. Select the Form you want to submit the first Form Record to.

The ODK App does not work with Sub-Forms or Reference FIelds, so if a Form includes Sub-Forms or Reference Fields, it won't open correctly in the App and you will not be able to fill it in.

  • Start filling in the first Form Field.
  • Swipe left to go to the next question or click on the Arrow icon at the right corner of the screen to get the list of Form Fields.
  • Select the Form Field you want to fill in from the list or navigate in the Form by using the "Go Up",  "Go to Start" and "Go to End" buttons at the bottom of the page.
  • When you complete the process click on the Arrow icon at the right corner of the screen and then click on the "Go to End" button.
  • Click on "Save Form and Exit" to save the Entry.

If you encounter any problems setting up ODK Collect, please visit the ODK documentation page.