Uploading Entries from ODK to ActivityInfo

The following section describes the steps for Uploading Entries that have been collect using the ODK Collect App to  ActivityInfo.

Once you have submitted your data to the downloaded Forms on your Android device using the ODK Collect App,  you can upload them to ActivityInfo to start analysing them.

How to Upload Entries from ODK Collect to ActivityInfo

  • On the "Main Menu" of the App, select "Send Finalized Form".
  • On the new page select the Form(s) you want to upload to ActivityInfo by ticking the boxes next to them.
  • When you are ready, click on "Send Selected" to Upload the Entries to ActivityInfo.
  • A pop-up window will inform you of the status of the upload.
  • When the Upload is completed click "OK".

If you encounter any problems setting up ODK Collect, please visit the ODK troubleshooting help page.