Submitting a new Monthly Report Indicator Value

Classic Interface

The following section describes the steps for adding a Monthly Report Indicator to a Site of an Activity in the Classic Interface.

A Site may have  Indicators which change over time. This means that you may need to submit data on a recurring basis. 

In the Classic Interface you can submit recurring data on a monthly basis. You can do so by submitting Monthly Report Indicator Values to a Site of a Monthly Reporting Activity.

How to Submit a new Monthly Report Indicator

Navigate to your Monthly Reporting Site
  • If the Activity is contained within a Folder, double-click or press the ▶️  button again to expand it.
  • Select the Activity you want to submit a new Monthly Report Indicator to.
  • Choose the Site you want from the list of Sites that appear in the Data Entry Grid
Submit the new Monthly Indicator
  • Select the month and the year you want from the menu on the Monthly Reports Panel.
  • Clicking on the block of the month you want and fill in the Indicator.
  • Click on the "Save" button.

The Monthly Report Indicator has been submitted.