Submitting a new Subform Record

New Interface

The following section describes the steps for submitting a new Subform Record during Data Collection.

One of the key activities performed on ActivityInfo is Data Collection. Users can submit data to a Subform, if they have been invited to the Database for which this Subform has been designed. The correct User Permission levels must have been set for each User according to the intention of the Administrator of the Database.

In ActivityInfo, by using a Subform, you can submit data which needs to monitored over a period of time, or will occur multiple times.

How to submit a new Subform Record

Navigate to your Subform
  • On the left-hand side, find your Database and double-click or press the ▶️  button to expand it.
  • If the Form is contained within a Folder, double-click or press the ▶️  button again to expand it.
  • Select the Form you want to submit the new Subform Record to.
  • Once you have selected your Form, you need to open it in the New Data Entry Interface to start entering data. Click on the "Open in the new data entry page" button.
Submit the new Subform Record
  • Navigate to the Form Record to which the Subform belongs.

If you want to submit a new Subform Record to a new Form Record just click New on the Data Entry Toolbar and follow the same steps.

  • Navigate to the Subform of the Form.
  • Select the correct time period for your entry.
  • Fill in the Subform Fields.
  • When entering the date in the Date Field keep in mind that the date format used across the ActivityInfo platform is the International date format "YYYY-MM-DD". This means that no matter which locale or browser you are using and regardless the way you insert a date, ActivityInfo will always provide this date format.
  • Fill in all the required fields. In case you miss a required field you will not be able to save the data you entered. The required fields will be highlighted with red.
  • Once you are ready, select "OK" to save your data and submit your new Subform Record.